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Forensic Science is one of the very interesting, vast, slightly complex but very very useful subject in the field of Crime Investigation and Justice. We can not stop 100 % Crimes but we can definitely minimize the current crime rate and increase justice delivery process with the help of Forensic Sciences (Scientific Crime Investigation). Forensic Science is any science used for law & crime investigation, it includes about 27 to 30 branches and sub divisions (e.g. Fingerprint, Forensic Document, Cyber Forensics, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Physics, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Engineering, Forensic Odontology / Dentistry, Forensic Accounting, Wildlife Forensics etc). We at "IFS INDIA - Forensic Science Department" provides best services including crime investigation, expert opinions, certifications, education, training and many more.

We are Government Registered, Pvt Forensic Laboratory, Certified, Court Acceptable, Court Qualified Experts Organization already solved thousands of cases for Government Departments, Courts, Police Departments, Public Sector Units, Corporate, Banks and many other clients. Our clients and services are spread all over the world. "IFS INDIA" is now known by 'symbol of trust' and having its own identity in universe. Govt. Acceptable Private Forensic Lab in India. Our Forensic Reports - Document Analysis, Handwriting Examination, Signature Comparison & Fingerprint Verification are acceptable in Courts and Legal purposes.

We have well established own Forensic Science Laboratory / Departments and also having collaboration with national and international organizations for speedy investigation process in-case of overloaded cases condition. For more details please click / visit About Us and Services or visit www.forensic.co.in and www.ifsedu.in or www.ifs.edu.in

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Forensic Science:

We are India's first and top Forensic Science Organization providing various Forensic Sciences Services including Forensic Sc. Investigations, Expert Opinions, Forensic Sc. Education (Courses, Certifications and Trainings etc ), Fingerprinting for FBI, RCMP Canada, Australia, UAE, PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for Visa / Immigration or Permits etc.  Our Opinions, Certificates, Reports and Documents are acceptable in every court or for legal purposes etc in Police Stations / Courts. We are / have experienced, certified, trained, qualified forensic experts, scientists and crime investigators. Many Courts, Banks and Police Stations directly sends evidences / cases for their forensic examinations (due to our reliable, accurate and faster services).

For more details please click / visit About Us and Services or visit www.forensic.co.in & www.ifsedu.in